So You Want a New Website…

Will it cost a lot and take forever to build? If you’re a small business owner, you know who your ideal customer is. And if you’ve been in business for awhile, you also know how to speak to potential customers about your products and services. So why should building a new website cost a lot or take a ton of time? It shouldn’t.

When I work with a client I talk to them about concepts such as keywords, calls to action, logos, imagery, color palettes, and the flow of the website they envision. I ask about their elevator speech – how they sum up their business simply and effectively that entices customers to take the next step.

Knowing the ideal customer along with having the concept document will inform the website design. Also, I believe websites are like fashion. There are features that are flashy and go out of style quickly so you want to avoid any that will date your site too fast. Ladies, think of that cold shoulder dress. Are you going to be wearing it next year?

As far as cost, I can build most sites for under $1,500. If you have a complex site it will be more, but we can talk about your needs and get a clearer picture of the cost. I have built simple sites, like my own, and added a store to an existing site so I understand WooCommerce, Square and Paypal.

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