Little Green Light is Big!

Little Green Light is an ideal donor management system for non-profits, particularly small non-profits, who need to manage their donor information at a reasonable cost.  It has well designed and intuitive integrations with payment processors, QuickBooks Online, email marketing tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact and includes free address verification to assure information remains accurate. 

Donation, contact and subscribe forms, for example, can be created in Little Green Light and embedded on the organization’s website.  When submitted, the information flows into Little Green Light seamlessly. 

It has methods for searching and creating lists and reports to complete useful data analysis and reach out to donors and other contacts.  Thank you templates and other form letters can be stored and used to acknowledge donations, distribute invitations to events, and manage other routine communications. 

If you need a better way to keep track of donors, contacts and organizations involved with your non-profit, reach out to me to help you set up Little Green Light.  I will set up the integrations, forms, field options, tasks, templates, and processes and provide import documents for existing contacts and historical donations.  As with all my clients I will train staff and prepare a manual so data can be input consistently and staff can work independently going forward.

Contact me for a consultation.