Following are projects I’ve completed that sharpened and honed the expertise I can share with you.

CRM Systems

I am a Salesforce Certified Administrator, have my own developer edition and can make custom objects, fields, report types, record types, dashboards, roles and permissions, workflow rules and processes, and install and configure apps.

I have the Quick Base App Builder certification, a developer edition and can create apps, tables, forms, relationships, reports and automations.

Websites & Board Portals

I designed this website, added a store to a client’s existing website and created websites for new and existing businesses and non-profits.

I designed a template I can use to build your non-profit’s private portal where board directors can view meeting documents, minutes, upcoming events and organizational resources. Read my blog post about board portals here.

Business Processes

I created a process for a client to resolve audit deficiencies and helped update and expand the client’s manuals to align with the new procedures.

I produced and maintained manuals for governance, accounting, systems and software, and IT guidelines. In addition I train and create manuals for my clients to maintain their websites and CRM systems independently.