What is Quick Base?

Quick Base is a database builder that can be used as a CRM, a project management tool, or to collect and track any data. Quick Base can be whatever you want it to be to help streamline business processes. You can start from scratch and build your app any way you want or you can use the templates built into Quick Base. It’s one of the most flexible tools I’ve ever used because you’re not constrained to a pre-built tool you have to modify to suit your needs.

Quick Base also has robust reporting and charting tools. Anything that’s in the system can be put into a report or chart. Plus you can edit your records in a grid format like a spreadsheet – you don’t have to open individual records one at a time. Frankly, Quick Base rocks!

I’m certified as a Quick Base App Builder which means I passed their certification test. I have a developer edition where I have built apps and also completed the Quick Base University videos to learn more about all of the features.

If you’re knee deep in Excel spreadsheets trying to manage your data, reach out to me. I can help!

What Does It Mean to be Salesforce Certified?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows businesses and non-profits to manage virtually anything about their customers and donors, respectively.

I am a certified administrator which means I can automate complex business processes, create reports, dashboards, fields and objects, and train users to be successful inputting data into and gathering data from Salesforce.

Not only have I worked as a Salesforce Administrator for over 9 years, I completed the training modules and passed the certification test. To maintain the certification, every administrator needs to pass tests on new features three times a year.

The training modules are very thorough and are conducted in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning covering topics like organization and users settings, data security and back-up, workflow/process building, data modeling, management and analytics, layouts and records types, import/export tools, and the App Exchange where applications created by developers are offered and can be installed in the CRM.

While Salesforce comes with standard objects/tabs like contacts and accounts and standard fields in those objects like name and address, often companies need to customize their instance to make it unique to them. That’s where a Salesforce Administrator is very useful. Imagine if a company wants to track events it holds and the attendees. A Salesforce Administrator can create those custom objects and fields and the reports and dashboards to measure the results.

Non-profits can use Salesforce to track donations and donors. But what if a donor wants to split his donation among various offerings? A Salesforce Administrator can access the App Exchange to look for an application that does what isn’t built into Salesforce natively. I have installed the Cloud for Good Donation Split App in a client’s Salesforce instance to split a single donation into various offerings so they don’t have to enter separate donations.

In a nutshell, you can rely on someone who is Salesforce certified to listen to your needs and understand how to build your Salesforce instance to meet those needs.

If you need help, contact me.